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  • How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

    Introduction Ever wondered why when people spend more time watching TVs or surfing through digital devices like laptops, tablets, and phones report experiences of dry eyes, eye strains, irritations, headaches, blurred visions, and sleeplessness? Blame that on blue light. Though the blue light is slightly longer and less potent than the UV waves and is too short for the naked eyes to see, they are...
  • Do You Need a Pair of Blue Light Glasses?

    Ever since the Covid19 pandemic, screens have become a significant part of our work and social lives, with adults reportedly spending up to 11hours on their devices while teens, an average of 8hours daily, increasing our exposure to blue light. If your eyes have ever felt tired or dry, and you got worried about the effects of staring at a device or computer screen...
  • What is blue light and how it is affecting you?

    Blue light is all around you and has a massive impact on your daily life! Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that the human eye can see. Because of blue light’ s short wavelength, it has a massive energy output. Blue light can cause eyestrain, weariness, headaches, and insomnia if you get too much exposure.   Everything you need to...
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