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How Do Livho Blue Light lenses Work?

We are in a world full of digital devices, which leads us overexposure to the electronic blue lights everyday. We all know that it is harmful to our eyes and our health. Therefore, we need to find some effective ways to reduce our exposure to the blue lights. The most convenient and effective way is to wear the blue light glasses.

Most of us have already known that blue light glasses can block the bad blue lights, but how?
Currently, there are mainly two kinds of blue light glasses in the market.They feature with either blue light blocking coatings or layered substrates.
How blue light lenses work

Using Blue Light Blocking Coatings

With blue light filtering coatings on the surface of glasses, the harmful blue lights can be reflected back away from the lenses. Specifically, the coating automatically filters out blue light before it reaches our eyes so that our eyes can reduce exposure to blue lights when we are facing the digital screens. Usually, a blue light filtering coating is applied to a clear lens. These glasses are the best choice of people who don’t like lenses with colors. Still, these glasses are suitable for outdoor activities if we have to spend a considerable amount of time outside. This kind of glasses can be easily identified through the blue reflection on the outer surface of an otherwise clear lens.

Using Layered Substrates

While the second type blue light glasses protect us by absorbing the hazard blue light instead of blocking. Blue light glasses with layered substrates means adding some anti-blue light materials into the lenses. They will absorb most of the blue light that will otherwise pass through almost entirely unimpeded to our retina. Their high effectiveness is under no doubt. However, these glasses usually appear with some colors on their lenses. They will probably distort our visions to some degree. These glasses are fit for people facing the digital screen for a long time every day and they can give best protection for them.

Livho is Here for You

No matter which kinds you prefer, you can find in Livho. As for the blue light blocking glasses, we adopt proprietary technology into the lenses so that they can keep both effective and clear. At the same time, we use high-quality coatings to filter more blue lights. Therefore, We can be well protected from man-made blue lights indoors without filtering the natural blue light outdoors. Besides, our precision-tint technology in the layered substrates can absorb nearly all painful light in the blue, amber and red light spectrum without distorting the wearer’s color perception. No matter how long we have to stay before the screens, our eyes can be comfortable. We are always here for you.
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