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Best Night Driving Glasses

If you’re looking to prevent eye strain on the road and at your desk at work, too, you’ve come to the right place. On top of blocking out glare from street lamps and lights on the road, these lenses block out blue light from computers, tablets and smartphones, further reducing the development of eye strain and headaches throughout the day.

10 Of The Best Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Anti-blue light glasses work by filtering out the blue light from screens before it reaches your eyes. Most of us think of unattractive yellow lenses when we think of blue light-blocking glasses, but there are actually plenty of cool styles out there.

Blue Light Headaches Might Be to Blame

Blue light headaches are often related to digital eye strain, which is caused by too much time in front of digital screens. While it can be hard to disconnect, taking regular screen-time breaks, keeping your eyes moist, and adjusting the blue light levels on your devices can help ease the headache-inducing effects of blue light. While not a proven fix, you might even find some relief from wearing blue-light-blocking glasses.

Best Blue Light Glasses to Protect Your Eyes While Scrolling

The easiest way to avoid blue light exposure is to spend less time on screens—but we know that feels like an impossible task in the world we live in today, where many of our personal, professional, and social needs require a device. Instead, we recommend investing in a pair of blue light glasses. 

These 6 blue-light glasses will actually cut down on the strain

One reviewer says: “I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and these glasses really help to keep my eyes protected and not feel tired. On top of it all they are comfortable to wear and lightweight, and I love the style of them.”

Blue Light Glasses On Amazon Could Save Your Poor Peepers

These blue light blocking glasses feature a stylish half frame that you can get in black, leopard, and even zebra. They’re designed to combat blue light and offer UV 400 protection. They come with a lifetime guarantee and the seller is offering free shipping, too.

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