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Livho Story


Livho is founded by one simple wish: make everyone look good for less yet have their eyes protected.

How many of you ever taken a break from working on laptop by scrolling through IG on your phone? Yes, it might be a rest for your mind but definitely not for your eyes. We are living at a digital age and our eyes are doing most of the work. We spend most of our time by staring the screen, like working on the laptop, watching TV after work or browsing through social media on the phone. In spite of getting all the information we need and connecting with others, we are paying the price for this, which is vision problems are on the rise.


Livho sees this problem and we are dedicated to provide solutions for you. We specialise in blue light blocking glasses and sunglasses all for one reason: to protect your vision while keeping you stylish without breaking the bank.


By designing and manufacturing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality fashionable glasses in various styles for you to look good and to keep your eyes protected indoors or outdoors

At livho, we truly believe everyone should have a pair of glasses with great value.

It’s more than just a pair of glasses. You wear them to see while getting your eyesight protected, and to be seen by the world at the same time by showing your personality and your characters from the glasses you wear. Be bold. The world is your runway and you shine bright!


Livho glasses and sunglasses


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