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When I’m looking for a garlic press or a new Bluetooth speaker, I love to hear what my friends think of what they have. But until I find someone who gushes enthusiastically about how a thing exceeded their expectations, I don’t really believe them. I want to hear that they love the thing, whether it’s a phone charger or an egg separator. The same is true of the reviews on Amazon. I’m not looking for the ones that look like they were written by a bot. I want enthusiasm! I want people to effuse and emote the way people *swear* by these 55 clever products under $20 on Amazon.

Cheap, clever and loved my the masses? That’s a trifecta I cannot ignore. I am sorry (not sorry) to say that my Amazon shopping cart is stuffed full of this stuff. Who could resist a bar of soap that’s made of stainless steel but still works? And how about cheap gizmo that turns my old birdbath into a lighted fountain? And what’s not to love about a backpack that fits in my glove box but expands to carry everything you need to climb a mountain? When people swear by a thing in these kinds of numbers, there’s a reason. You are going to want some of this gear in your cart, too.



Blue light stimulates your brain to wake up because it’s in the same spectrum as daylight, so looking at screens that emit it all day and into the night will mess with your ability to sleep. These two pairs of blue-light blocking glasses let you look at the screen while filtering out that blue spectrum and they aren’t tinted so they won’t change the temperature or look of what you are watching. Over 53,000 people give these five stars.

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